Hypnotherapy has been given a bad reputation due to the gimmicky tomfoolery portrayed by Stage Hypnotists and in the movies.  Unlike clinical hypnotherapy, which is a serious practice intended to assist individuals that are ‘stuck’ or limited by their beliefs or pre-suppositions.  As a trained sceptical scientist I was unsure of how the practice of hypnotherapy would assist me personally, however I am also open to trying things to see if they offer any benefit before I close my mind to the concept.  I found significant shifts in my experience of the emotion of anger and I found strategies to manage ambiguity and uncertainty, which assisted me move through some particularly challenging times in my life. I now have learnt these techniques, which I can apply as self-hypnosis, which can be useful when I travel on long-haul flights, performing tedious tasks, or to accelerate sleep.

For the benefit of other people I have learnt a form of hypnosis that I use to assist with shifting addictions, phobias, compulsions and limiting beliefs that can affect confidence and self-esteem.  The methods I have been taught were based on the original principles of  Milton Hyland Erickson who was an American psychiatrist specialising in medical hypnosis and family therapy.  Many general practitioners have since used hypnosis in their practices and multiple uses have been developed to assist with pain-management  (child-birth) and limiting states (addictions etc). Primarily hypnosis works by accessing the instructions for the mind to reset or ‘reboot’ limiting beliefs.

The process is very relaxing and should help the recipient to move old behaviours off so that you can gain better outcomes.

If I am unable to assist you within a reasonable time, I will refer you to a colleague within my practitioner network.

I perform Hypnotherapy at a clinic in Chadstone, VICTORIA, Australia and you can book sessions with me at my online store, just click on the link below. I can also provide phone/Skype sessions if you prefer or are unable to come to the clinic.

Yours in good health,

Dr Rachel Cameron.